18 December 2010



by Lynne Spears

(A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World)

(Mother of Jamie Lynn, Bryan & Britney Spears

Lynne shares the story of the Spears family as only a mother can.

What I can say about this book is it took me awhile to get into but once I started I was hooked, if you are a fan of Britney Spears you need to read this, to find out the real truth and not what you hear or see in the media.

11 December 2010

Little Gifts

I made these little gifts for a couple of my work friends.

The Search For Santa Paws DVD Movie

I would recommend this movie to anyone this Christmas, just watched it.

I am not saying what this is about because i dont want to spoil it for you, all i will say is if you have seen Santa Buddies then you need to watch this.

21 November 2010

Bad Bad Blogger

Yes I know I have been an extremely bad blogger its been like 2mths, lots happening, but after this weekend, I will be back....
Love ya all
Lisa xoxoxoxoxo

26 September 2010

Day Trip to "Golbourn"

Recently Brett and I did a Road Trip to Golbourn for the day. We actually went there to purchase a motorbike, and whilst we were there we did the touristy thing ourselves, we visited the Big Merino.....( now I have lots of photos to scrap - must have taken a million and one), going down it was really cold as we left here at 4.30am, we had breakfast when we got there at Subway, then did the touristy thing and started on our way back via Sydney...

My Mum

Well I don't often blog about my Mum, but maybe I should, She and my stepdad Ron recently went on a holiday to visit my stepbrother James for 5 days and did the touristy thing, they went to Queensland, they went to Sea World and also Australia Zoo, here is a picture of my Mum outside Australia Zoo, she said she had a great time and wants to do it again.....She brought me back some little goodies as well, I got a keyring from Sea World as well as a Green Crocodile from Australia Zoo.....

Welcome to the World -- " Eli John Lewis"

To cut a long story short, my best friend throughout High School was "Leisa Ashman", yes I know, well funnily enough we aren't related in anyway, well she married a lovely man named "Sean Lewis" they have 3 beautiful Children now, Shania, Jacob & Caleb and on 2nd September 2010 @ 2.24am they welcomed to their family child number 4 "Eli John" weighing 8lb 8oz, and and 55cm long.

Welcome to the world "Eli", may your world be filled with love and lots of cuddles and happiness, I have lots of stories to tell you as you get older about your mum....

Ice Road Truckers -- The Series

Well my hubby and myself loved this series when we had Foxtel and also when it was on normal television, the 4th season is about to begin overseas very shortly, I take my hat off to these people that drive these roads, as they are very very dangerous, but I wouldn't mind having a go myself.. We are both friends on Facebook with a couple of them. So recently we brought the first 2 Seasons of them, now to find Season 3.

Book Review -- My Steve -- Terri Irwin

I have recently read a book Terri Irwin wrote about her late husband Steve, this is a very emotional book, and I believe everyone should read this:

Uplifting, humorous and heartbreaking Terri's moving account is a non-stop adventure, a love story and most of all a fitting and inspiring tribute to a man adored and missed around the world.

Rest In Peace Steve Irwin, no one will ever forget you...

05 September 2010

Look Who Came To Visit for a Week at the End of June 2010

Back at the end of June I had a 2 week holiday from work, and my cousin Darlene came to visit me for a week, we did so many different things. The whole week was spend going to lots of craft shops and spending lots of money on craft materials, for me Scrapbooking Materials and for Darlene it was Card Making Materials.

I enjoyed her company so much I now miss her more than she will ever know, we have a very strong bond, a very very strong bond that can never be broken. We went to Nelson Bay as well as Tuggerah as well as Newcastle and Maitland and Rutherford... We did spend one day at home in our pj's doing craft.

Kosmo & Jaws & Beaver Latest Update

This is our latest update, I have managed to hi-jack the computer for 10mins to get this on:

Well its been a while since we have been able to use the computer as either Mum or Dad are also on the internet doing something like Ebay or Facebook.

We have been busy making a bit of a mess over the last few weeks or so between Jaws and myself, out the back of our house looks like a bomb hit it, as those humans would say, it all started when Jaws got a little bored the other week, he started to pull bits out of the mattress that we sleep on in our kennel ( this is really my kennel, because Jaws has his own -- he only uses it when we have a disagreement or we get really rough with each other while playing) - other than that we sleep in my kennel, and then we got two of our toys and played tug-o-war with them, so that added to the already mess of foam.

Then we decided to dig in the woodchip and let me tell ya, we have woodchips everywhere, Jaws has even tried to eat some of them, we got a piece of rope out of dads shed, one day when he left the door open, we have had the rope stashed in the kennel for about 3 weeks now until yesterday when Jaws decided to start pulling that apart.

Thats what we have been up to, also we have had a few rides in the car, on Saturday afternoon Mum and Dad took us to Wangi Wangi, we went for a walk along the foreshore with Dad whilst Mum got her camera out and took some pictures.



Hey Dudes & Dudettes Beaver Here,

I have been busy running amok, clawing on my scratch polle to doing silly skitzy things like playing with the stuffing from the bear, playing with my ping pong balls ( I reckon I own more Ping Pong Balls than the local Tabletennis Club).

My mum wanted a loveable purring Kitty, well she has one, cause I have been real loving lately, sleeping between mum and dad everynight, sleeping on the top of mums recliner.

I really know how to get on mum and dads nerves, I just sit at my food bowl and meow, meow and mewo till they give me my biscuits - this usually happens first thing in the morning when they get up at 5.15am.

I love it when Kosmo and Jaws come inside, cause I get to play chases with Jaws and play claw him to, I just run away from Kosmo, you would if you seen how big he looks thru my eyes.
Well I best be going and getting on Mum and Dads bed for a snooze.

Some of my latest Layouts

Yes I know I have been the slackest blogger in the whole wide world, going to try and make up for my lack of posting.

Here are a couple of my latest layouts I have just completed, update from Kosmo, Beaver and Jaws coming up as well,as well as my holiday diary which I have to type into blogspot because it won't let me cut and paste to here for some reason.

31 July 2010

Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award

I received this from the lovely JODI, Thanks so much:

Here are the Rules:

Here are the rules that go with it:

1. Put the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award on my blog.

2. Share 5 things about myself.

3. Pass the award onto 5 other Bonny Blogs.

4. Add links to my 5 chosen Bonny Blog Winners.

5. Let them know they have been chosen to win the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by leaving a comment on their blog.

So 5 things about me.


This came about when I was young, when I was growing up with my parents seperated, I needed to find something to Love and that was Cats, Kittens, so if I ever found a stray I would take it home and look after it till I either found its owner, or it was too old and had to be put down.


This is something that is always on my mind, and I struggle everyday to deal with. I am now 37yrs old almost 38yrs old, and am just starting to finally deal with this, that I will always be a larger lady but I need to be comfortable..So please help me on my journey to loosing some more kilos.


This man is a man I love dearly and have been married to now for 20yrs, What would I have done without him, he is my everything, hes even having his birthday in about 17days.


I am just mad about these creatures, personally if I could have my own personal one I would, I have never been to Sea World, but have the biggest collection of these guys, we eat with them, we sleep with them, they are hanging on my walls, and everytime I see them I feel a sense of calm.


My Nephews are Sully & Jai Pralica, Sully will be 16yrs old on Wednesday and Jai will be 15yrs old on the 10th August, they are my everything, I have watched then grow into young men, Sully & Jai you are my everything, you make me smile...................................

And now to give this to 5 lovely people;

1. My cousin Darlene, she doesnt have a blog, she is the best friend and relative a person could have, she is there for me night and day, also 7days 24hours, she is my Rock

2. My best internet Friend "Jodi" http://jodis-sraphaven.blogspot.com/, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met on the net and have learnt alot from her blog as well as her scrapbooking she is an inspiration to me and others around the world.

3. Kate Mason: http://katemason.blogs.com/kate/, she is one super mum, and her crafting has given me inspiration as well.

4. Pip Prosser: http://pipprosser.typepad.com/, Pip your scrapbooking layouts are an inspiration to me and others around the world.

5. My Mum: Mary she is my mum, and I love her dearly, she doesn't have a blog either but she is best friend... I love you lots MUM..

My Latest Layouts

Yes I know I have been a bad blogger once again, I have an award to put up too that was given to be my best webfriend JODI , Thanks Jodi, here are some layouts I have recently done..

11 July 2010

More Cards -- Made 10/7/2010

Hey There,

I have been neglecting my blog a little of late and I do apologise, but have been having fun, been on holidays for 2 weeks, had a relative come visit me for a week, and busy scrapping, and taking photos, I promise I will update my blog over the next few weeks or so.. These photos are of some cards that I made yesterday, I made 2 of one of them, but I can't tell you which one as I am sending the 2nd one to my cousin in Melbourne....Talk Soon

02 July 2010

New Layout - "Having Fun"

This layout is called "Having Fun", I have done this layout for a lady I work with of her granddaughter, I am very proud of the way this layout has turned out.. It is purple and white themed, I hope you all like it.

My Entry for a Monthly Scrapbooking competition

This is my entry for the monthly scrapbooking competition for my local scrapbooking shop, we were given 2 sheets of paper, 2 buttons, 1 feather & 1 piece of ribbon, and some of this stuff had to be used in the layout, you didn't have to use it all, plus you could ue other things like I have, so this is my take on what we had to work with. I hope you all like it..

26 June 2010

Double Layout -- "Night At The Trots"

A little while ago Brett and I went to the Newcastle Paceway otherwise known as "Newcastle Harness Racing Club" with my work, a few of my work colleagues , including the boss, as well as some clients from work, It was a great night, we even had a fantastic meal and some drinks as well.

At work I am involved in a yearly project called "Pink Pages Business Directory", we do an edition for the Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens areas, it takes me 6 mths to get all 3 editions out into the public. On the evening there was a race named after the Pink Pages called "The Herald Pink Pages Pace", in which I got to start the race in the back of the starters car, as well as present the winner of the race a horse called "Nobbys Beach Boy", ( how appropriate seeing our number 1 beach in Newcastle is called "Nobbys Beach").

It was a great experience and I am very proud to have been able to start the race and present the winning horse with the trophy, we even had our photo taken with the winning horse, rider and trainer, I was given a copy of this photo by the Harness Racing Club as well, which I have framed and sitting beside our television. So this layout is all about our evening.

Another New Layout -- Jaws

This layout is about the baby of our family, "Jaws", he is now almost 14mths old...

I completed this layout last night at the crop night I went to ,the only thing I had to do at home was do the letters of his name with my Cricut Machine.

25 June 2010

NEW Bella! Page Making Kit -- Cheeky Boy Layout

I recently brought this Page Making Kit from the Reject Shop, and I thought I would give it ago, using the Kit and stuff from my Stash. ( The reason I am only just blogging about this now is that i put it in for Submission and didn't make it).

NEW Bella! Page Making Kit

(Paper and Embellishment Kit for Scrapbooking and paper crafts).
This is all Acid Free.
This Kit contained the following:
5 patterned papers
23 Die-cuts ( I used only some of these)
4 Buttons
0.5 metres of Ribbon
0.5 metres of Ric-Rac ( I didn't use this at all)

From my Stash I used the following:
Chipboard Letters - (Painted with Kaisercraft Red Paint)
a few extra Buttons

22 June 2010

Book Review -- Hush, Little Baby -- Katharine Davies.

I must say I finished reading this book today while I was waiting at the Dr's surgery.. It was a bit of an emotional book for me, but I did enjoy reading it..

HUSH, LITTLE BABY -- Katharine Davies
ISBN: 978-0-099-49834-6
What happens when you become responsible for a life that isn't yours?

Eira is alone. Thirty-six years old and living on her own. She loved Jack, but their relationship had to end - she could never have a baby with an alcoholic. Now she works in a museum, in the middle of a park, and aches for someone to love. And then one Spring morning, she finds a baby in a box on the museum steps.

Haunting, heart-rending, and beautifully evocative, Hush, Little Baby is a story of love and youth, longing and age, and one woman's visceral need to be a mother.

14 June 2010

Look Who I Found Sleep Together This Afternoon

Yes you got it I found Kosmo and Jaws asleep together this afternoon in my lounge chair, Its unusual for me to be able to get photos of these two together, its as if they know when the camera is coming out....


well we all know the story or rhyme of "Puss In Boots",well we have our own little "Puss in Box", Beaver just loves boxes and has every since he was a wee little Kitty... As you can see by this photo, the box has been taped back together, you can imagine Kosmo and Jaws trying to get in there with Beaver can't you, well let me tell you it happens, they try getting in there all the time, so I have to constantly tape the box back together, maybe its time for a new one..

A New Toy For Me

Well Well Well,

Look what my lovely adorable Hubby brought for me the other day.

I actually took it out of the box today and had a play. What a fantastic machine.

You can do lots of different things with it... Watch out Ebay I will be looking for more catridges...especially one about Cats & Dogs

New Layout -- SUMMER

This is my latest layout, its called SUMMER, these are photos of my nephews I have taken of them over the years at the Beach during Summer. Hope you all like it.......................................

30 May 2010

New Layout --- "FISHING"

I have waited so long to do this layout "FISHING", its about Hubby Brett fishing, his love for fishing is like his love for me "FOREVER"..... These photos were taken up at Stockton Beach on Saturday afternoon on 20/3/2010.

Biker Chick

Well Don't think I quite make the cut for a Bikers Chick? LOL LOL

Kosmo & Jaws Updated Photos

My New Toy --- New Computer

Hey Hey
Well Hubby has a new toy, and so do I. I have had it for a few weeks now, and I absolutley love it.
Thats right its an ACER Touchsmart, Its silver it has Windows 7, and all the added extras...

Hubby's New Toy or should it be Hubby's New Bike

Well Well its finally here,

Last sunday hubby and I went to look at a bike that was advertised in the "Local Trader" which is a weekly paper in NSW, it use to be free but now its $2.30 each week, you can advertise in this paper, FREE but only for households not businesses they have to pay.

Hubby has always wanted a cruiser style bike, as he is a big built man, and would just like to ride, not hoon around like some people do......So the cruiser style is what suits him the most, so gone are the road/trail bikes and now to the new cruiser, He did say last night that he would like to save up and by a Harley one day... I am so against bikes cause I can see what they can do to people, but I am going to bite the bullet and have a go with hubby as a pillion passenger. Now this will be interesting, will have to get someone to take photos of us together on the bike...So I will keep you informed as to how I am going with that, and wether or not I like it.

What he has purchased is a Kawasaki VN 800 Vulcan.

boy does she look nice. I will leave you with some pictures I took of it last week when he put down his deposit, I haven't been able to get any new photos as yet, as you all know its been raining here for almost a week now, and at this time he is up in the shed, tinkering with her at this moment...So when he has finished I will get you some updated photos.