05 September 2010

Look Who Came To Visit for a Week at the End of June 2010

Back at the end of June I had a 2 week holiday from work, and my cousin Darlene came to visit me for a week, we did so many different things. The whole week was spend going to lots of craft shops and spending lots of money on craft materials, for me Scrapbooking Materials and for Darlene it was Card Making Materials.

I enjoyed her company so much I now miss her more than she will ever know, we have a very strong bond, a very very strong bond that can never be broken. We went to Nelson Bay as well as Tuggerah as well as Newcastle and Maitland and Rutherford... We did spend one day at home in our pj's doing craft.

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Darlene said...

I loved the trip up there. But it went way to fast. I will have to go back there because you and Brett are there.