05 January 2012

Day Trip to thePet Porpoise Pool -- Coffs Harbour


Yesterday day Hubby and I drove to Coffs Harbour to the Pet Porpoise Pool, to make one of my lifetime dreams come true, and that was to be able to touch a dolphin, and be very close to them...
Well it came true at around 1.00pm yesterday, as you can see by this photo above, I was leaning on the side of the Pool and got to have a dolphin kiss, and afterwards actually feel and touch them.. I also got to sit next to Maxine the Seal and she gave me a kiss as well.

What a great day!!!!!!!!

Book Review -- "No One Wants You" by Celine Roberts

Book Review --- "NO ONE WANTS YOU" By Celine Roberts..
A true story of a child forced into prostitution.

I don't normally read books like this, but picked it up at the Angus & Robertson Closing Down Sale last year.

This is a very powerful book and had me wanting to read it from start to finish straight away, so I started it one afternoon and was finished it the next day.

Given away by her mother at five months old, raped on the day of her first communion at age seven -- when Celine Roberts was told "NO ONE WANTS YOU", she believed it.
Illegitimate and unwanted. Celine was forced by her foster mother into prostitution. Her bones were broken, her nose was crushed and she ate candle wax to stay alive.
Celine was finally rescued and sent to an industrial school, where she picked up the pieces of her shattered life.  She also began the search for her parents. But what she found gave her battered survival instincts the hardest knock of all...

Full of the most heartbreaking tragedy but ultimately survival and hope, NO ONE WANTS YOU, is the remarkably honest and compelling memoir of a woman triumphing over her brutal past..