17 May 2009

Latest Scrapbooking "LAYOUT"

Well what do you all think of this layout, I just love it. I am going to try and take a better photo of this layout.

This layout was done all about my husbands grandfather called "TOM"


Here are some photos taken of "Beaver", during the last couple of months.


These are just some pictures taken of Kosmo over the last couple of months.

14th May 2009 - "Beavers Big Adventure"

It was Thursday 14th May 2009, somewhere between 4.00pm and 5.45pm when my dad had some visitors come over for visit, and someone, I don't know who left the back sliding security door open slightly, it was enough for me to get out and go on a little adventure.

So off I went, underneath the house, its all dirt and cobwebs and bricks, I could hear the birds in the big trees, So I went to explore them, I came to the bottom of the tree and looked up, it was scary so I decided it wasn't worth the stree of climbing up the tree, So I decided to hide underneath the house until the sun went down.

I decided then to go adventuring next door to the neighbours house, I could hear Mum and Dad calling out to me, and my food container being rattled, I tried to Meow, but my meow wasn't loud enough for them to hea me. So then there was no noise at all but the rustling of the trees and it seemed to be getting cooler and darker, I was getting really really scared now.

It must have been 1 1/2 hours around 9.00pm, I crawled around, and I seen a light which I thought was my house, I thought if I can just get on to the verandah and meow Mum and Dad will come to the door and let me in, next thing you know I could smell a dog and that smell was familiar, thats right it was Kosmo and my Mum rattling my food calling out my name,"Beaver, Beaver", so I meowed and meowed and meowed really loud so they could hear me, and surely enough they did.

Kosmo came over and gave me a big lick and a nudge, Mum came running over and picked me up and cuddled me, then they took me home, was I glad to see them, as soon as I seen them I knew everything would be ok, because I was beginning to get really scared, hungry and cold.

After I got home my Mum put my dinner down for me, Yummy I had Whitebait & Chicken Breast, and I tell you I was that hungry I ate the whole lot, I then went and layed in front of the heater and went to sleep till Mum and Dad went to bed, then I went and slept on the end of their bed.


Blog Award

I received this beautiful Blog Award from the one and only Jodi, so I am passing this on to a couple of people whos blogs are dear to me and I do read them on a daily basis:

1. Jodi
Jodi you are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met, and like you we have so much in common its scary because we could be twins, sometime I wonder if we were twins in a previous life. I also love your scrapbooking and will always treasure the lovely layout you made and sent to me.

2. Kate Mason
Kate, you are a super mum, having 4 beautiful girls, you deserve the world award for "SuperMum", I like your scrapbooking as well.

3. Tracey Jeffery
Tracey, Kosmo and Beaver told me I had to give you this award, because of the beautiful comments you leave here on our blog about them, Enjoy your trip to Tasmania. We also love your scrapbooking.

4. Margaret Heaney
Margaret is the mother of some lovely grown up children, but also she is the mother of 2 beautiful furbabies, Kosmo and Beaver asked me to pass on this award to you, We also love your scrapbooking.

5. Pip Prosser
Pip, I love reading your blog, especially about little FREDDIE, I can't believe how much he is growing, I also love your scrapbooking.