17 May 2009

Blog Award

I received this beautiful Blog Award from the one and only Jodi, so I am passing this on to a couple of people whos blogs are dear to me and I do read them on a daily basis:

1. Jodi
Jodi you are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met, and like you we have so much in common its scary because we could be twins, sometime I wonder if we were twins in a previous life. I also love your scrapbooking and will always treasure the lovely layout you made and sent to me.

2. Kate Mason
Kate, you are a super mum, having 4 beautiful girls, you deserve the world award for "SuperMum", I like your scrapbooking as well.

3. Tracey Jeffery
Tracey, Kosmo and Beaver told me I had to give you this award, because of the beautiful comments you leave here on our blog about them, Enjoy your trip to Tasmania. We also love your scrapbooking.

4. Margaret Heaney
Margaret is the mother of some lovely grown up children, but also she is the mother of 2 beautiful furbabies, Kosmo and Beaver asked me to pass on this award to you, We also love your scrapbooking.

5. Pip Prosser
Pip, I love reading your blog, especially about little FREDDIE, I can't believe how much he is growing, I also love your scrapbooking.

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