10 May 2009


Well the last 2 weeks have been interesting, week 14 was really well, but extremely busy and stressful at work trying to get things done, but yes we did it as usual.

Week 15, What can I say? The week started out really well with meeting my cousin for the first time on Tuesday, but whilst we were walking down the street I slipped and twisted my ankle, So I haven't been able to walk at all since this happened on Tuesday at lunch time, So no exercising, and not being home at tea time for both Brett and I for the next 3 nights, meant we ate some food that isn't any good for you like McDonalds and Chinese Food, So we have been a little naughty...
And yes today was weigh-in day and I have put on 400grams and Brett has now lost another 300grams, so overall we haven't done to bad I think. I have started to walk 10mins at a time on my walking machine and will increase it back to 30mins as the ankle gets better. So I will leave you with a picture of my Cousins daughter Miss Caitlan.

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Jodi said...

I feel your pain Lisa.
IM still hobbling on mine.... I joined the gym and do low impace bike and cross trainer!! Im hoping that i havnt put any on!!