07 February 2009

I've Been TAGGED

This is lovely Lady Tag.....
Given to me by Jodi, thanks so much

Now I am to pass it on to other lovely ladies...
So I will tag:

She is so like me, and a great friend

She leaves lovely comments on my blog

Cause shes Jodi's Mum and a nice lady

Thanks to all these lovely ladies for their constant support and friendship

Latest Pic Taken of Me

This pic was taken this morning as soon as I came back from my walk, I normally walk of an afternoon but the weather is really hot here already today, so I thought rather than not taking a walk I would walk this morning instead. Can anyone see a difference yet?

Met my uncle

Hey there, let me introduce you all to my Uncle Reese, this man has been missing from my life for a long long time, and it appears that someone or people from my life have been keeping secrets from me for a long long time now. Well all I can say is that Uncle Reese whom I met up with today is a beautiful man, and we are going to make the biggest effort in the world to get to know each other, he has a beautiful wife called Rhonda, whom I can call Aunty Rhonda, he has a daughter whom I am yet to meet in person but have been talking to now for a few months on Facebook and the telephone and txting each other, her name is Patricia, she has a lovely partner called Darren and a lovely daughter called Caitlan who is 3yrs old, and we are getting together in the next couple of months when she comes to Newcastle.

04 February 2009

Just for Jodi

This update is for my friend "JODI"..
Beaver and I got mum to take these updated photos just for you, don't I look just handsome and Beaver he is looking good too hey...
Love Kosmo & Beaver XOXO

03 February 2009

Photo Update -- Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Hey there just a photo update, this one was taken at around 6.20pm tonight when I got back from my walk..What do you all think????