07 February 2009

Met my uncle

Hey there, let me introduce you all to my Uncle Reese, this man has been missing from my life for a long long time, and it appears that someone or people from my life have been keeping secrets from me for a long long time now. Well all I can say is that Uncle Reese whom I met up with today is a beautiful man, and we are going to make the biggest effort in the world to get to know each other, he has a beautiful wife called Rhonda, whom I can call Aunty Rhonda, he has a daughter whom I am yet to meet in person but have been talking to now for a few months on Facebook and the telephone and txting each other, her name is Patricia, she has a lovely partner called Darren and a lovely daughter called Caitlan who is 3yrs old, and we are getting together in the next couple of months when she comes to Newcastle.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

WOW Lisa
Im glad your first meeting went well. I hope you can continue to ahve a lovely raltionshiop