09 May 2009

An Album just for "BEAVER"

I recently started to scrap an album all about BEAVER THE KITTY KAT, and I am finally finished.

The front and back cover of the album is actually fabric I brought from a shop down the road from my place called "Patchwork Coffee On Main", WOW what a great little shop, you can do classes there for quilting etc. The fabric I purchased is just beautiful and as you can see by the photos has just cats on it.

All of the papers used in this album were given to me for my birthday in kit form, and I have purchased all the embelishments throughout the last couple of months to use in it. The photos are random photos taken of Beaver during the last 12 months. I am very happy with the way this has turned out. I look forward to all your comments. The photos I have taken are of some of the pages in this little album.

08 May 2009


Hello everyone

I would like to introduce to you Patricia Ann Screen, she is 26yrs old, has a partner called Darren and a beautiful 3 yr old daughter called Caitlan, she lives in lovely sunny Adelaide in South Australia. and has come all the way to Newcastle to meet up with some family members that she has never met before.

She is my cousin, the daughter of my Uncle that I have recently met with after all these years...And boy oh boy doesn't she look like her dad...

She came to my work on Tuesday and we had lunch together and this was the first time I had ever ever met her. Today being Friday we met up again and spent some more time with each other, I also took her to meet some other family members whom she had never met before. Our other cousin Margaret who lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland flew down to see her as well, they haven't seen each other in 16yrs. Take a look at some of the photos that were taken today, one is of her and me together and Caitlan and myself.

Slipping In The Rain

Well how clumsy must I be, on Tuesday at lunchtime I was walking down the street from work to grab some lunch when I slipped on one of those Telstra grids on the footpath, I have substained an ankle injury, So I haven't been able to use my walking machine, and havent had much sleep of a night as well..I think I faired pretty well unlike my friend Jodi, who came off SOLO during the week and is very very sore and bruised, Hey jodi i think we must be twins LOL as we both have an injury to our ankle.

03 May 2009

MY MOJO IS BACK -- Scrapbooking

Finally my Mojo for Scrapping has come back to me....

Last night I did this layout, Its of a photo taken of Hubby and I recently together, I used lots of different flowers and some embelishments, and lots of bling as you can see.