23 January 2009

A few more of my Scrapbooking Layouts I have done

Here are a few more Scrapbooking layouts I have done...These layouts were done when I first started Scrapbooking

22 January 2009

I weighed today -- 22nd January 2009

Since I couldn't weigh on Sunday at home because I don't own a set of scales, and feel its better to go somewhere else and weigh anyway, so I did so today. During my lunch break today I went to the chemist and got weighed.
Its official I weigh 123.9kg, so this is my starting weight to start to lose it, and I would like to reach my personal goal of 100kg.
So its official 4 weeks from today on 21st February I will go back to the chemist and get weighed again, and I will report back to this blog and let you know how I am going, but will continue to take regular photos and post them here for you to look at every couple of days or so.

21 January 2009

Another Photo

Well hello out there in blog land, it is now 3 days since I started my walking, and with support from my Friend "JODI" and other friends as well I reckon I can do this loosing my weight thing, and I am totally committed and determined to do it.. So here is another photo of me taken this afternoon after work... Please excuse the hairdo LOL LOL is all I can say about it.

18 January 2009


Take a look at this photo of Beaver, taking a rest this afternoon. He is a funny kitty kat sometimes, loves heat

Photo Of Me

Well here is a photo I took of myself today, I am walking everyday for at least 20 minutes, and will walk longer as time goes on.. I want to lose weight. I am not sure how many kilos I weigh, So I am doing this on how loose my clothes get and by taking pictures of myself....I am determined to do this and keep it going.

Some Old Photos

I was going thru some old photo disks this morning when I came across these 3 photos, 2 are of my nephews who are now 13 and 14yrs old, and the other one is of me and my mum, there is something about this photo that makes me look at it all the time, and I am going to scrap a layout using it.

Some Scrapbooking Layouts

I just wanted to share a couple of layouts I have done with you all, these layouts where done using many different types of products..