05 September 2010

Kosmo & Jaws & Beaver Latest Update

This is our latest update, I have managed to hi-jack the computer for 10mins to get this on:

Well its been a while since we have been able to use the computer as either Mum or Dad are also on the internet doing something like Ebay or Facebook.

We have been busy making a bit of a mess over the last few weeks or so between Jaws and myself, out the back of our house looks like a bomb hit it, as those humans would say, it all started when Jaws got a little bored the other week, he started to pull bits out of the mattress that we sleep on in our kennel ( this is really my kennel, because Jaws has his own -- he only uses it when we have a disagreement or we get really rough with each other while playing) - other than that we sleep in my kennel, and then we got two of our toys and played tug-o-war with them, so that added to the already mess of foam.

Then we decided to dig in the woodchip and let me tell ya, we have woodchips everywhere, Jaws has even tried to eat some of them, we got a piece of rope out of dads shed, one day when he left the door open, we have had the rope stashed in the kennel for about 3 weeks now until yesterday when Jaws decided to start pulling that apart.

Thats what we have been up to, also we have had a few rides in the car, on Saturday afternoon Mum and Dad took us to Wangi Wangi, we went for a walk along the foreshore with Dad whilst Mum got her camera out and took some pictures.



Hey Dudes & Dudettes Beaver Here,

I have been busy running amok, clawing on my scratch polle to doing silly skitzy things like playing with the stuffing from the bear, playing with my ping pong balls ( I reckon I own more Ping Pong Balls than the local Tabletennis Club).

My mum wanted a loveable purring Kitty, well she has one, cause I have been real loving lately, sleeping between mum and dad everynight, sleeping on the top of mums recliner.

I really know how to get on mum and dads nerves, I just sit at my food bowl and meow, meow and mewo till they give me my biscuits - this usually happens first thing in the morning when they get up at 5.15am.

I love it when Kosmo and Jaws come inside, cause I get to play chases with Jaws and play claw him to, I just run away from Kosmo, you would if you seen how big he looks thru my eyes.
Well I best be going and getting on Mum and Dads bed for a snooze.

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