26 June 2010

Double Layout -- "Night At The Trots"

A little while ago Brett and I went to the Newcastle Paceway otherwise known as "Newcastle Harness Racing Club" with my work, a few of my work colleagues , including the boss, as well as some clients from work, It was a great night, we even had a fantastic meal and some drinks as well.

At work I am involved in a yearly project called "Pink Pages Business Directory", we do an edition for the Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens areas, it takes me 6 mths to get all 3 editions out into the public. On the evening there was a race named after the Pink Pages called "The Herald Pink Pages Pace", in which I got to start the race in the back of the starters car, as well as present the winner of the race a horse called "Nobbys Beach Boy", ( how appropriate seeing our number 1 beach in Newcastle is called "Nobbys Beach").

It was a great experience and I am very proud to have been able to start the race and present the winning horse with the trophy, we even had our photo taken with the winning horse, rider and trainer, I was given a copy of this photo by the Harness Racing Club as well, which I have framed and sitting beside our television. So this layout is all about our evening.

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