06 December 2009

Naughty Blogger

Hi There
Yes I have been a naughty blogger of late, and its not because I have been busy scrapbooking, its because I have been busy making Christmas Decorations for our departments christmas decoration competition, you have to be creative without lights, my team leader June came up with the idea that we spend as little as possible, so we have decided that all our decoration will be made out of THE HERALD, thats write our very own newspaper, so everything has been made out of cardboard, which we probably brought 10 sheets of, a few glitter pens from GOLO which were only $2.00 for a packet of 4 different colours, and a few of my brads to use as Reindeer eyes, as well as an old gift bag to be able to cut up into the letter of each of our names and 2 sheets of Red Cello $ 2.50 from the local newsagent and you guessed it lots and lots of newspapers...So you could probably call it recycling, and we are calling it "The Herald Christmas". So I hope you like the photos I took on Friday, we still have a bit to do so I will take more photos and put them up here....

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