21 February 2009

Uncle Reese & Aunty Rhonda

Well Wednesday was a sad day for me because it was the day my Uncle Reese and Aunty Rhonda left to go back to Melbourne, Its been great having them here and finally getting to know them, I wish Melbourne wasn't so far away, but its only 1 1/2 hours by plane or even only 12hrs by Car, I have already been looking for some cheap flights to go down there for a few days, I will probably have to go down by myself this first time as Brett can't get anytime off for a couple of months.

I couldn't help myself yesterday, just after lunch I rang my Uncle and Aunt to see where they were in their travels and they were about 100klms out of Melbourne, they were just dropping off to see my cousin Darlene on their way home, and he promised to call me when they got home, at 5.40pm we received a call to say they had arrived home safe about 1/2hr ago, then after tea I rang them to let them know that I got their message.

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Jodi said...

Im glas you enjoyed your visit and they got home ok