29 June 2008

Sat 25-11-06 17 Weeks Old Part 2


I was a little naughty the other day for a few days.when Mum & Dad go to work, i have been chewing on the wires to Uncle Victor's trailer and chewed thru them at the chassis, so my dad had to re-wire it on Monday ight after tea, I can't see to get to it now, looks like he has moved it so I can't get to it.

My dad sleeps in every morning and then comes and says Hello and plays with me for a while before he eats some food (I think it maybe his lunch - as when mum eats at night, he isn't there except on weekends). But I must say around 2.10am every morning, dad says, "Hello Kosmo", when he gets home, its still dark, very dark.

When mum was taking me for a walk today we went thru the bottom of the house to get out to the front to start our walk, I played with cuddles for a couple of minutes. I play rough but don't mean to be rough but I am just a puppy, When I get a bit rough she puts her claws in me and it hurts.

When I come inside I like to sit on the blue lounge, I look like a cool dog says my mum, That's cause I am a cool dog.

Till next time WOOF WOOF

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Jodi said...

Hey Kosmo
Youve been tagged.
Check out my blog and copy the award. Add it to your blog and then chose 7 other poeple. Translation... woof woof woof