17 July 2008

24 Weeks Old 12th January 2007

Hello there here I am back for another Kosmo Tale. People must think my mum is mad or insane writing my Kosmo Tales ( a dog talking thru a humans eyes).

I guess Mum will get that bloody camera out again sometime soon for up-to-date pictures(she'll probably use them for her Scrapbooking -she is quite clever). Well yesterday afternoon we didn't go for our daily alk as the weather was extremely hot about 38C, so instead of a walk mum had a swim and I jumped in as well, but I took a bit of convincing but I eventually got in, Mum also mowed the lawn and did some washing, she washed down the concrete out the back where I eat & sleep to get rid of the dust. Mum brought me some more plastic toys during the week.

After we all had our tea mum came out and spent sometime with me, then the wind seemed to get a little bit cooler, we got some rain, only a few spots ( like a flock of pigeons going over), but we got lots of lightning & thunder for quite a few hours.

Well I am going to bed now on my chair, to enjoy the thunderstorm and I will write another Kosmo Tale next week.



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