17 July 2008

SPECIAL STORY --- Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Today is the 9 mth anniversary of the passing of my big sister "Tiny", she was a mini-foxie in which my Mum and Dad had had for 10 yrs till 3rd October 2006, she had to be put down after the injuries she received during the incident (which my mum doesn't want to elaborate on), cause it hurts to much to talk about it.

Other than this I don't have much to tell you other than I am now 11 months old as of 29th June, and only 26 days to go till my 1st Birthday ( which u would have read about in my previous post to this one).

" I must say that I believe all us dogs and all cats when we do pass on we go to a place where the grass in greener and the sun is out and we all play, at the end of a rainbow, so if you see a rainbow thats where you will find your loved one that has passed on".

My sister had a friend called "SOXY", if you're out there reading this post, to my sister you were a hero, and thanks for comforting her till mum and dad got home, "Soxy" you are a legend.

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