13 July 2008

18 Weeks Old 2nd December 2006 (Part 2)

The car stopped and Dad got out to go buy some smelling frozen stuff, they looked like fish ( I think they call it bait). Mum put my lead on and we went for a little walk to the grass, where I just peed and peed(what a relief, as I had to hold on for ages), I got back in and we went on with our journey, the next thing you know I heard mum talking to Aunty Liz, they were talking about "Cherokee", (who in the hell is she), Oh No!, not another dog - a girl dog, this might not be so bad, I can follow her and sniff her butt (oh boy behave myself LOL), and even play with her.

When dad was letting the air out of the tyres, Mum gave me some water and I got to meet that other dog. She is a bit stuck up..... Doesn't want to play, she seems like I am not good enough for her to play with me, Oh Well, Mum and Dad are here and Mu will play with me if no one else will. We got back in the car and went over to the beach, the road was a bit rough, up, down, up, down ( must be the sand, those silly people who won't let there tyres down, think I might be speaking to them about this).

Dad decided to scare the pants off me and mum and sped up toward this big puddle of water, Oh Boy! my mum she is a chicken, she screeched as we went thru, I just sat there like a good boy, got a little bit of water on me (oh well it made me nice and cool), The beach was flat and not many waves, Dad said Uncle Victor you can choose the fishing spot today, but aunty Liz said YEAH RIGHT.

Well off down the beach we went, and dad found a spot, everyone got out except me, I was a bit frightened so dad picked me up and said"Kosmo here is something new to walk on", and put me on this yellow stuff, it was grainy and soft, when I walked I sunk into the ground slowly but once I walked around a while I was ok.!! I went down towards the water, didn't want to get wet as I was cold and the water was coming towards me, I was scared. But suddenly I seen that Cherokee chick again, she was in the water(looked like a big swimming pool to me and not like mine at home, Cherokee looked like a drowned rad, in other words she was soaked). Sully & Jai seem to like the water lots as well.

When Cherokee came in from out of the water, I followed her but she just wasn't interested. There were so many cars at the beach today, Mum and Dad decided the way to keep me safe was to pub my lead on. I sat there on my lead with Mum and Aunty Liz & Cherokee, Cherokee was sneaking up behind me - trying to get to know me, so I put my paw on her and she kept running back to her mum. I was hungry so mum gave me some biscuits, we offered them to Cherokee, but she just turned her nose up at them( fussy woman), but Cherokee didn't mind sharing my sandy water with me.

When we played she barked at me, so I showed her how I could dig a big hole in the sand, Dad caught 2 big fishes, then all of a sudden the wind got really strong, so dad couldn't fish, so we packed up and went home, mum took a photo of me with sand on my nose (that bloody camera had to come out didn't it, mum couldn't help herself).

On the way home Mum & Dad were eating Peanut Butter sandwiches, and they gave me some too ( I think I like Peanut Butter). We made a stop at Henny Penny for some Chips & Chicken, I had 1 chip , then layed down, it rained. I had layed down nearly all the way home, I am so tired I just want to get home to my kennel.

After I ate my dinner, I layed in my kennel stretched out to the max, I was so tired, hopefully tomorrow will be a lazy day.

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