17 July 2008

April 2007 - 9mths old on 29/4/07

A couple of weeks ago Aunty Liz, Uncle Vic, Sully and Jai brought down this basket to our house and it had a cat in it, his name is apparently JOSH, he is a tan with white sox paws, they put JOSH inside with Cuddles ( watch out cuddles a stranger coming, be alert, watch your back, he might try to attack you!!!).

Well they let JOSH out of his cage, he layed eyes on Cuddles and she meowed really loudly because she didn’t like him --- and I don’t blame her “a strange cat” in cuddles territory. How dare they do this to her.

Anyway Cuddles attacked Josh twice with Mum having to get them apart. Josh’s eye was bleeding a bit because cuddles clawed it, well looks like Josh ain’t staying here. YIPPEE YIPPEE for Cuddles – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – NO STRANGE PETS IN OUR HOUSE ****NOT ALLOWED******



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