17 July 2008

10th June 2007 -- Almost 11mths Old

Well lots has happened since my last tale, particularly with the weather, let me tell you we have had some really windy rainy weather ( I have never seen weather like it) I have never seen so much water, like a river, and I was cold, bore the weather got really bad Mum and Dad put me in the garage, its good in there, lots of things to chew on, I found a lid off a spray can to chew on, after having a chew for a while I went and layed my cushion and went to sleep and when I woke up all the really bad weather had gone, but the rain was still here, so I went out the side of the yard and just layed in it. The only thing that really really bothered me was being worried about my mum and dad hoping they were sage inside the house.

My mum has had that bloody camera, out again taking photos of me (hopefully they are for her scrapbooking) next month mum will have to take me to the vet, as I will be 1 yard old, and have to have my 12mht booster needle (the thought is a little scary) but I will be ok!

Mum has been going for a walk, everyday except Fridays and Saturdays in which mum goes on her own. We go the same way each day and I see my friends ( The boxer & The German Shepards) they bark at me lots, I am glad I can’t bark like tem, cause I would get into trouble for barking as I never bark, just howl ( but I am actually talking) when I howl.

Well until next month



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