14 July 2008

22 Weeks Old 30th December 2006

I turned 5 months old Yesterday. (29th December 2006)

Christmas 2006

Well its my Mum's 34th Birthday today, lots of people rang her and also texted her, aunty liz and uncle wickter and the children came for a visit.

Dad slept till 10.30am as he worked last night (he works hard), I don't know how he manages working at night doing 12 hour shifts. Anyway after lunch my mum went out with Aunty Liz and family for a while, when she came home we went for a swim in the big pool, we actually had a couple of swims, cause it was quite warm.

This last week has been a big one with Xmas Day - Boxing Day, I got to have some Pork & Ham ( i really like the crackle from the prok, it was very yummy). My dad gave my mum a beautiful ring for Xmas, it sparkles in the sunlight. Last night there were some big bangs going off around Wangi, and then when you looked into the sky, there were pretty lights, I think they call them Fireworkds (thats why there noisy). But they didn't bother me as I just layed and rested in my chair. I haven't been sleeping in my kennel as its been to hot to sleep in there.

On Saturday about 3 weeks ago my mum and dad mowed the lawn I hid from the lawnmower and whipper snipper as they frightened me, but on Thursday just gone Mum & Dad remowed the lawn and I actually chased the mower, as its not scary after all.

Anway its been good having Mum & Dad at home, but they have to go back to work.

Till Next Week

KOSMO xoxoxoxo

P.S My next Tale will be in 2007.

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