17 July 2008


I thought I would tell you about my first Trip to the vet this morning. My appointment was for 10.15am, but as usual my Mum was running early, so when we got there, they needed some details from us like:
1. What Breed am I?
2. How much do I weigh?
So the nurse put me on this blue mat thing.
I weigh 23kgs (That's heavy says my mum)....Thats about 2 bags of 10kg potatoes, then they asked about my diet. My diet consists of dry food, Scooby Doo" snacks and the occasional bit of tin food, mixed in with my dry food. I also like human food too, like "Cheese". which I might have a piece of once every blue moon or so. I like my vegies like, Peas, Corn & Broccoli and Cauliflower and even potatoes. I like Lamb, Beef and Chicken cuts of meat as well.

Enough about all that! Anyway the reason for going to the vet, my Mum & Dad thought I might have ear mites as I have been shaking my head lots this last couple of days, well it seems I don't have mites, I have a slight ear infection caused by a bit of moisture stuck in my ear from when I had my bath last week.

So Scott ( the vet) gave mum some drops to put in my ears everyday, twice a day, and also some ear & skin cleaner to put in my ears everytime i have a bath or go swimming or get wet, so we were probably there only 15 mintues and it cost $127.50 Boy! Oh! Boy!, us dogs can cost our parents lots of money just to go and visit the vet.

As far as what breed I am! I am a Golden Retreiver X German Shepherd so Scott says, is it any wonder I am a good looking and very intelligent dog with all those traits in me.

Love KOSMO xoxoxo

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