13 July 2008

19 Weeks Old 9th December 2006

Hello there another week has gone by, this week nothing much new has happened, just playing games everyday while Mum & Dad are at work.

One game i like to play is getting my black and white soccer ball putting it in my mouth and running around the yard in circles and making it squeak (must drive the neighbours batty - even thought they are already batty enough. I have been going up under the tree near the shed alot lately because i have been hearing one of the dogs next door whingeing a lot (Silly dog).

I haven't barked at her, just sat there and listened (typical woman). Being Saturday, we went to the beach again, this time Mum let me run around without my lead it was so much fun and I did behave myself so as of next time I don't have to be put on my lead. Only if there is too many cars.

I kept running after Sully & Jai, they kept going into the water, but I don't go in the water as yet as I am a bit scared of it. (give me a little bit of time and I may like it), I went and sat with Mum and Aunty Liz, and decided to dig a hole. I kept digging and digging and digging but didn't find anything (oh well maybe next time i will find something). We went home early cause dad had to go to work the next morning early.

On Sunday I had my very first bath, oh what fun, I laid in the water, while mum massaged the soap into my body, I was well behaved it was ridiculous, the only time i was naughty was when i had to get dried, I ran away from mum ans wouldn't come back and just wanted to play with the cat, Finally mum dired me off, then she put me outside i went straight onto the grass.

Wwell its been another big week in my life of me KOSMO the DOG.
Till next time
KOSMO xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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