17 July 2008

6mths Old Tomorrow 28th January 2007

Hello I am back again, well tomorrow I am 6mths old and growing up fast. I have decided that from now on I am going to write a Kosmo Tale once a month till I am 12mths old….So I hope you all don’t mind.

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. The weather has been really warm and I mean warm up to 42C last Sunday. Mum and dad were in the pool so they put me in the water quite a few times to cool me down….I drank lots of my water.

Mum and Dad had some friends come over on Saturday ( Helen & Richard) what nice people they are ( I am glad mum and dad have found some friends like them…not many people like them left in the world), they are really really nice people. They all sat out the back in the nice cool wind, I layed under Ron’s car to try and stay cool and keep out of the sun. Helen played with me a few times(shes a cool lady ask mum she says it all the time). (she also loves me and wants a dog too but she wants a pure bred Labrador----not a mixed breed like me….oh well).

I have been chewing on the hose, and have put a couple of little holes in it, so now dad will have to fix it ( he will cause he loves me lots).

I have been getting lots of different foods lately to eat, and they are yummy(keep them comin’ mum). I was feeling a bit under the weather a couple of days ago, I thought it was the heat but NO WAY, it was because I ate something I shouldn’t have.

My daily walks have been interesting as one day we go one way and we go a different way each other day.

Well I better go now, MUM has other things to be doing instead of helping write my tale

Talk to you all next month

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