17 July 2008

Monday 1st October 2007

Well today marks the 1st Anniversary of the death of my sister "TINY", it has been a sad day today, but we all must remember that she is still here with us in spirit.

I haven't written a tale since 18.8.07, as not much has happened since then, just getting bigger, and I am shedding my hair, they says its to do with my breed, Mum and Dad had to buy a special rake thingy to brush or rake as they call it, the excess shedding hair out.

Today I had my first swim for the season with my mum, its amazing i remembered how to get in the pool, You should see me, I am good I am.

Well enough now, suppose I better get going now.



P.S Dad got a new job, a permanent one, Good One Dad.

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