17 July 2008

23 Weeks Old 5th January 2007

Well being a Saturday Mum and Dad were home and Mum was washing & cleaning up. Dad was getting ready to go somewhere with a trailer on, mum says he was going to Phil's house to take out his old gearbox and put another one in. Mum didn't go with him, she left later as she wanted to go in her new car so she could show off her flashy VT Commodore (she can be a tease when she wants to be about it).

Well during this last week I got another new toy, this time a football on a string. Well its very tasty first I chewed the elastic rope off it, then I started chewing on the ball its going to take a bit of time, but eventually I will get it apart.

Mum and Dad went back to work after being home with me for 12 days, I miss them lots & lots. They have been giving me some food thats not dog food, and its quite yummy, I especiallly like the vegies, cause they are good for you.

Well thats all for thsi week.


P.S: Cuddles (Cat) and I wrote a letter to the RSPCA at Rutherford Shelter to give them an update on us both, our mum sent it to them via email. and low and behold we made it on to the internet on their Success Stories page....WE ARE FAMOUS....YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE

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