17 July 2008

23rd February 7 months old on 29th - Moving Day

Well what a couple of weeks its been for mum and dad they have both been busy packing and moving furniture getting ready for us all to move house today.

Dad has been fixing a few things around the yard, like the pool fence I found a way to push thru the fence so I can go play in the pool area, and he has had to fix the pool hose as it has lots of splits in it and I didn’t do them, its because of it being out in the weather, he has just nailed all the pool fence pailings on.

Dad took cuddles to the new house at 2.00am this morning in Josh Pralica’s carry cage ( see ya cuddles when I get over there don’t be frightened it will be ok when I get over there ok) apparently Cuddles meowed all the way and was very frightened…I don’t blame her……I hope she is ok! Over there on her own. Dad and the removalists moved all the furniture to the new house. Dad and mum are coming back to get me later on tonight.

They finally came to get me at 10.30pm, it was really dark, I got in the backseat of Ronnie’s car and layed there and went to sleep and next thing I remember is mum saying “come on kos lets get out”.

When we got there Mum took me out the back so I could find my water bowls and kennel and have my dinner a big bowl of biscuits….YIPPEE FOOD FOOD YIPPEE. After I had my bikkies mum and dad went for a swim and I just ran around the outside of the pool trying to work out how the hell I could get in there too---but dad said no its was too late.

Anyway I finally got into my kennel and didn’t wake up till 8.00am the next morning for my breakfast.


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