17 July 2008

25th March 2007 - 8mths old on 29th

Well we have been living here at 49 Cary Street Toronto for approximately 4 weeks now, I love my new house, my mum and dad have been teaching me how to get in and out of the pool on my own. Its so easy just put front paws in on the top step then scratch with my left paw on top of the water then just jump in and swim to my little heart is content. Mum and dad think I have stopped growing I hope so I think I am big compared to cuddles she is so little for her age. Maybe its because she is a cat and I am a dog I don’t know. I have just chewed up all my toys, so mum will have to buy me some more.

I had my first hydro bath last weekend and I was a bit frightened but very clean after it – she sprayed this smelly stuff on me that made me smell like a girl---just as well my friends can’t smell me. My collar seems to be getting tighter –think its time for a new one.

Mum was cleaning up in the studio on Sunday--- about time she did this, so finally she finished cleaning up and invited me in to sit on the lounge and watch the V8 Supercars with her and dad. I absolutely loved it and when it was time to go outside again I didn’t move as the lounge is very comfortable. But eventually I got up and off my butt and did do as I was told.

Mum and Dad have a friend called Ronnie and he calls me PLUTO because of my long lanky legs --- he says I remind him of the Disney dog on the TV.

Well till next month
All My Love

P.S: The Easter Bunny is coming --- Who the hell is he! And why does he like CHOCOLATE so much.

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