14 October 2008

"Mum is Spoilt Just Like Us"

Well I must say my Mum is just as spoilt as we are by my Dad.

On Saturday after Mum picked up Dad from work, they went and visited the Morisset Mega Markets, which is a big place with lots of stalls or should I say shops, were all the family can go shop, there are even rides for kids as well.

So Mum and Dad were walking past this shop and seen something that caught Mum and Dad's eye, more Mums. As you can see by the picture its one of those ones you plug in the wall and it lights up and the water moves and it also has sound, ( like seagulls and the sound of the water moving). And of course it had to have a dolphin in it, as my Mum loves Dolphins, so I guess you could say that Mum now has her own personal pet Dolphin ( but not a real one).

So they walked passed and continued to shop, when Dad said, "Would you like one of those pictures", Mum said," I will think about it", knowing that for sure she would absolutely adore one of those. When they were ready to leave they went back to the shop and Dad brought her one.... ( That's what I call "Spoilt", in other words she got what she wanted), just like Beaver and I.
LOL You can actually see a shadow of Mum in the picture....Oh Well...I hope you all like it....I will get Mum to try and get a better picture of it....

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