21 December 2008

Kosmo is very special to Santa

Well guess what happened to Kosmo this morning?

Kosmo and Beaver were sleeping on the lounge when all of a sudden we heard the local fire truck siren, and boy it was really loud, so Mum got up and looked out the door and Beaver and I were right beside her looking out the door as well.
Well to our surprise we seen Santa Claus on the back of a ute following the fire truck up the street. Apparently where we live Santa comes around on a fire truck every year to see all the good boys and girls, I decided to let out a little bark at Santa, cause he looks funny in his big red suit...and also a little scary to some of us animals... Well next thing you know Santa is yelling out STOP, go and give that nice lady being our Mum with the furbabies some lollies.
So Mum opened the door and let me out while Beaver stayed inside, the fireman came up to Mum and I and gave us some lollies, and he gave me a nice big pat...So I jumped off the verandah and followed him to the side of the road, but being road aware I came back to my Mum and inside we went, she gave me 2 of the lollies which were yummy snakes. Mum took a picture of my lollie for you all too see as well as a picture of me as well..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and to all the other furbabies out there like "SOLO", "CIMMI", "TEDDY" and "BEN"and "HARLEY"....and last but not least my best friend in the whole "BEAVER".....

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