22 March 2009

Week 8 -- The Diet

Hey there,
Sorry I am only just updating this now, but I have been very very busy with work this last 2 weeks, it seems there were never enough hours in a day to get my work done, but as usual I managed to get it all done.

I have really struggled a bit this week, I think it was because I have had so much going on, with work and family dramas (which we won't get to on here, I would rather forget about it now and just get on with my life), but I have to admit I still managed to not eat bad bad food, the other night I had a craving for something really bad and sweet, so I went out and brought it and cut the slice piece in half and had half one day and the other the next night. I believe if you are craving something you should just eat it, So its not that bad after all, I have been walking 1 kilometre a day and further on the weekends...

Well I guess I should go and take a shower, as I have just got back from my walk and am all sweaty. Well this next week is weigh-in week on Thursday, so I will be back with Week 9 update for you all. I look forward to your comments, I have managed to get Brett to take an updated photo of me yesterday morning.

P.S: A few ladies a work say they can tell I am loosing weight, they reckon its really noticeable from behind.


Jodi said...

Yes LIsa, you can really see it in your face!! Dont know about behind as your not showing us that!!! hahaha
KEpp up the good work!! you have good weeks and bad weeks. I had my bad week last week, but even eating maccas all week, because i was so active, i lost weight!!!
Good luck, hope things are better for you this week!

Tracey said...

You can see in your face that you are losing weight. Missing you picture of Kosmo and Beaver give them both a pat from me