28 March 2009

Beaver Vs. The Mouse

Well I don't believe it Beaver the Kitty Cat is a legend.

Last night we were sitting in the loungeroom watching television, when all of a sudden we heard a crash'n'bang, so I have gotten up to investigate, and Beaver had literally moved his water bowl and food bowl off his placemat (mind you this cat is spoilt he has a Whinnie The Pooh Placemat - its something a little kid would want to eat off not a cat) and moved it half way across the kitchen floor, and then he disappeared into my scraproom.
So I went to investigate and what did I find, Beaver with a Mouse in his mouth, and being me I screamed to hubby, "Hurry Beaver has a mouse in his mouth, you have to get rid of it before it gets me LOL LOL", I can't stand anything that crawls....

So we are very proud of Beaver for catching this little mouse, it was probably more scared of us and Beaver than we were of it....So last night Beaver decided he was going to sleep with me, on my side of the bed, and purred and purred and purred all night, knowing he had caught this little mouse, he was very proud of himself too.
Today he has been rubbing himself up against everything and meowing as if too say " I am just good, I caught the mouse".. So I took this picture of him, and as you can see he posed pretty good for the camera, like he is a star.

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Jodi said...

You Legend!!!

Poor little mouse!!