01 August 2009

"Dusty", My Car

As you know back in January this year hubby brought me a new used car, it is a Ford Capri Convertable, with a turbo, lowered, and a soft top, well the soft top has leaked like a sieve since I have had it, so to go in the rain you had to be careful that it didnt leak on you...

Well recently we brought a proper hardtop for it, so today we put in on and i cleaned her from top to bottom and we also put new springs and struts in her to bring her up off the ground and now she doesn't scrape when going in and out of places, so now she can go anywhere, I will leave you with a new photo of her with her new hardtop on and nicely washed and shammied....I think she looks more classy now what ya reckon?

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