01 August 2009

I Got A Promotion At Work!!!!

Hey there
I got a promotion at work and started my new position on Monday 27th July 2009, I am a Classified Display & Pink Pages Sales Advisor... I love my new position...
My new position involves me selling advertising in the Classifieds Section on a Friday called "E-Trader", this is a Local Business & Service Guide.. The Pink Pages are Local Business Directories we do for the Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens areas of Newcastle, they are a 12 monthly business directory specifically for the residents of those areas, and I will be co-ordinating this for the coming years.
So there it is..I had to keep this a secret for quite a while and managed to do so I am so not a secret keeper, but I did it.. So what do you all think about this.

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