26 July 2008

January 2008

Well hello there, everyone, another month has gone by and the first month of 2008 is just about over, so its time to write another Kosmo tale yet again, and knowing my mum she is probably writing this while on her way to work on the train.

During the month we have had heaps of rain and frankly its getting on my nerves a bit, because where we live, the water gets in everywhere it possibly can, adn it makes the slate tiles slippery, mind you I don't mind laying out in the rain, its quite refreshing, but I much prefer the pool.

I have had had lots of swims since Christmas, I love it heaps, I think we must be moving house, as Mum & Dad have been moving boxes out of the house all the time, and Dad took me with him to another house the other day, it had a big fence and a gate across the driveway, we were there for hours, Dad was building a bench in the garage. But I had a ball over there because there was plenty of places to poop, I sat near the gate for a long time when suddenly these 2 men appeared, It was dad's friend "Damien", he was with the plumber, coming to fix the bathroom, he was very friendly, he gave me lots of pats and even kisses (I think he likes me).

Just yesterday I was a bit confused about something! Mum & Dad's friend "RON" says he doesn't like dogs, but he took me for a walk , (what is his problem - I think he just likes to grumble about things), he also gave me some meat and biscuits.. Oh Well I guess some people are like that.

Too bad if he doesn't like dogs, because my Mum and Dad love me very much, and I ain't going anywhere ( I would really like a play mate one day - but I guess there is no chance of that for a while).

Apparently its 3 weeks till we finally move and quite frankly I can't wait, and its only about 1 week before Ron goes home to New Zealand- Cause that means i get to go inside more often.

Well till next month, you all be good now, see you all then

All my Love


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Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Kosmo... Hope you enjoyed your cup cakes!!