02 August 2008


Dear Kosmo,

I have to say if we were in a beauty context I would win for sure. I am a black purebred Cocker Spaniel, I have floppy ears, cute yes and only eat Goodo's and treats.

Just last week I went on the best adventure, I got to stay out all night on my own, stuffer to my Mum who was out looking for me in the rain.

Bet you Mr Kosmo have never had friends like me, my friends were those big horses that humans ride, they protected me whenever I needed it.

And as for "Cuddles" well "Possum" or "Puss" is great value, he is real cat, the stupid thing sometimes beats me up LOL LOL.

Every Thursday "Tara" comes to visit and this is when I get overfed - Yummmy - lots of Goodo's, she stays till Sunday and Carly & Cody come on Saturday and they stay till Sunday.

Well Mr Kosmo I even get to move house as well soon, my mum is getting married, But I don't think that tight bum "WILLIAM", likes me much, but you know what!, he can go stuff himself, because where ever my mum goes, so do I, I love my mum dearly.
Well till next Time, by for now

BRONSON (the cocker spaniel)

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