02 August 2008

March 2008

Well we are only 10 days into March, but I thought you might like to hear about my adventure, I have been taking lots of rides in mums car.

It was about 8.30am On Tuesday 11th March when I was just scratching around the wire fence, to find out if I nudge my nose near the wire and push under it I can get out.

So I decided to go on an adventure, I went up and down Second St, going into other people's yards, playing with their dogs, going into local businesses, and just looking for fun. About 10.00am I went down to the Main Rd, tried to cross the road, but almost got ran over, cause this car wouldn't stop and let me across the road. Finally I got across, I wandered into the Tyre Service, then seen some kids so crossed the road again and went into the school yard, the kids were eating lots of food, some nice kids gave me some custard tart (Boy where they nice and yummy). Someone at the school tied me up and called the local Council Ranger. Meanwhile I just sat and was getting frightened because I couldn't find my Mum. I was missing her.

Meanwhile my Mum and Dad were at work while this was going on, they got a call from Mr Gooba, to tell them I had gotten out and was on my adventure, Dad came home and couldn't find me, so Mum got the train home, she was very upset (she was crying) once home she drove and walked the Streets of Boolaroo trying to find me, to no available, She rang the RSPCA and Council to report me missing, then went and walked down the Main St, towards Speers Point, the local ranger was coming towards her and she flagged her down, and it was lucky, I was in the bak of the rangers truck, she was bringing me home, Mum finally got me home about 5 hours after I started my journey, I slept for about 3 hours I was so worn out, I don't think I will take an adventure again anytime soon, because it has given my mum and dad some grey hairs.

Mum and Dad have since built a brand new paling fence, to keep me in, I haven't dug any holes since my adventure, If I need to leave the yard, I won't be going alone because its scary out there in the big wide world.

Today I met a lady dog, she was the same breed as me, her name was "Zoey", boy was she a real pretty lady, beautiful long hair and very friendly. She was playing hard to get at first but then she was all over me like a rash LOL, We played and played and even kissed, then she let me sniff her butt, boy oh boy that tasted good LOL LOL.

Well I guess I will see you all soon.

Till next time

KOSMO xoxoxoxoxo

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