02 August 2008

February 2008

Well I don't believe here we are and February already.

Well on 8th February we moved to our new home in Boolaroo, its going to be fun, because I have a big yard to myself and lots of grass to play on. Mum brought me some new toys to play with, Dad left hose out last night by mistake, and I thought it was for me to play with, so I started dragging it all over the back lawn.

I even put little holes in it with my teeth. Geez Mum and Dad have a heap of stuff, I like the new house because when it rains I don't get at all wet in anyway. The wind can't get into me either, so when the storm came the other night, I still went out to have a look, and got wet, and then went straight back in my kennel for the night.

Well that's all this month.

I hope you all enjoyed my letter from Bronson

Till Next Time

See you soon

KOSMO xoxoxo

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