27 June 2008

Sat 4-11-06 14 Weeks Old Part 2

Part 2:

On Sunday morning Mum & Dad went and brought me a new kennel (grey plastic one) it was expensive $170.00, they brougjt it from the petshop at Glendale ( the one where the mini-foxies like "Tiny" are).

They brought it home and Dad put it together, he put my blanket in there as well, so after that sleeping at night was so much better for me, so my new life with my mum and dad had finally begun.

The radio thingy only lasted oone week and they took it off me, it didn't bother me, because when I got scared i just go in my kennel it is my safe haven, my mum cleaned out my kennel the other day, Boy Oh Boy was it dirty, i had lots of dirt and bits of rock in there and my plastic hotdog.

I have decided that I am going to be a good dog, and try and stay away from the fence, because i dont want to be attacked like my sister "Tiny".

The other week my mum and dad trimmed back all the trees in the backyard, Well BOY OH BOY I must have found 15 tennis balls, all the more for me to play with.

I guess I should go noww and I will write another tale next week.

Till Then Love Always