28 June 2008

Sat 16-11-06 16 Weeks Old Part 1

Well its Saturday again, the weekend, I like Saturday & Sundays, because I get to spendd lots of time with my mum & dad and my kennel gets cleaned out.

A funny thing happened I got an email "What is an email?", I think it has something to do with my mum's computer. It was from my new friend "Harley" (the tenterfield terrier), he was my sister Tiny's Best internet friend, "Harley's" parents are Charlene & Robert Mirabella from Canberra , ACT, Australia.

This is what the email said:


"WOW", fancy someone asking me that, he must want to be my friend, so I decided to write Harley an email back and it goes like this:

Hi Harley,

  • My Mum & Dad were looking on the internet at dog's names and came across" Cosmo" and my Dad decided that was going to be my name, except that they would be different and spell it with a "K" instead of a "C".

  • I hope we can play together one day as I like to play, my friend "Cuddles" the cat just loves to play with me from inside the screen door, as I am only a puppy and I am not allowed in the house as yet till I get a bit bigger and get out of my silly stage, I have so many plastic toys to play with and tennis balls and I even had a soccer ball which I chewed a hole in so I can carry it around the yard.

  • I have been a good boy, I love my kennel and I love going for my daily walks with my mum and seeing our neighbours across the road, cause he calls out to me and says hello.

  • The big dogs next door don't scare me as they can't get to me, but they annoy me everyday at some stage.

Anyway Harley I must go now and have a play then a sleep, as you know being a puppy is a tiring job and sleeping helps you grow and this is all we do as puppies. Until next time WOOF, WOOF



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