20 September 2009

Pocket Rocket --- JAWS

Hi There,

Everyone Kosmo here, just wanted to let you all know that Mum and Dad brought me something yesterday...Yep thats right I didn't know that we were expecting a new addition to our little family, but you guessed it right now we have one.

A brand new little 12 week old Mini Foxie X Chihuahua, and his name is JAWS, he is the most adorable little thing, sometimes I think he thinks I am his Mum cause I am so much bigger than me. Its great having a playmate, he is so friendly and always on the go, he is a pocket rocket LOL. I will leave you with a picture of him, as you can imagine Mum has been busy snapping lots of pictures of him and I. Beaver is a little frightened of him at the moment but trust me he will come around and love to play with him as well.. Well better go now as Mum and Dad are taking us to the beach for a bit of a play. Talk soon..


Jodi said...

Oh Cosmo!! I love your little buddie!! Now you take care of him!! Hes smaller than you!!!

Tracey said...

How cute is Jaws a little brother to play with I'm sure Beaver will learn to love him very soon