26 September 2009

The King's Fool by Amanda Holohan

Well what can I say about this book, its something very different from what I usually read, its more a of 12 to 16yr old book, I picked it up from a local market for $2.00, and its taken me a while to read it but I must say very enjoyable...

"The Perry Brightfield Chronicles -- The King's Fool" by Amanda Holohan.

"PERRY WANTS TO BE A NORMAL TEENAGER".. Normal kids have homes and families.. Normal kids aren't on the run.. Normal kids don't have crazy guardians ruining their lives with daily weapons practice.

When the terrifying Collector of Children appears in the tiny town of Trucel and calls Perry by her name, all her dreams of a normal life are shattered. Whos is she really? Why does she bear such a horrible birthmark? And what does she have to do with the evil Collector?

Now, cast into a strange land and separated from her friend Rowland, Perry is apprenticed against her will to the Fool in the court of a lunatic king. Here, she must learn to master all of her skills because in this land and it is dangerous to be a child. In this land, nothing is quite as it seems.

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