27 June 2009

R.I.P --- Bob Knight (Truckie Shot in Sydney)

My heart goes out to the family of Sixty-six-year old Bob Knight was driving past a KFC outlet in south-western Sydney when he was struck by a bullet.

Janette Knight says her husband was devoted to the family.

"Bob was fun loving. Loved life. Very happy go lucky person. Loved a good joke, very devoted family man - very devoted. Loved trucks and loved his dogs," she said.

Police have described Mr Knight's death as an "unbelievable tragedy."

I can't imagine how his family is feeling, But everytime my husband Brett goes to work, I always say to him I Love Him before he leaves, because like Bob Knight he too his a Truck Driver. Some people in the world we live in never have a good thing to say about Truck Driver, they think they are bad, but try going for a drive with one of these drivers one day and see just what happens, Cars pulling out in front of them etc.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this is so sad, as a fellow truckie he was doing his job earning a living loving the open road, then murdered by lowlife scum. RIP Bob

The group of people need to either be sent to prison for life or deported to their country of origin for jail time.