27 June 2009

Health Update

Hello to my wonderful friends out there in blogging land,

As you all know I have not been well for the last week or 2, It seems I have very high blood pressure and on Monday 15th June i suffered a Mini Heart Attack, yes that is what i said, since i have had numerous tests to follow up on this, and my diabetes which I have had for 8 yrs now is now back under control as well but I still have to test every morning before breakfast, it seems to have gone a little haywire during the last few weeks.

This all started back about a month or so ago now when whilst at work i would get these headaches and it felt like my head was going to explode, i just took it as a headache you know take a pill and it will settle and go away which it did, but little did I know that my blood pressure was very high, and when it is as high as mine has been getting apparently (thats to Dr Helen), it puts pressure on the nerves in your brain and it can cause a Stroke or a Heart Attack.

I am now on medication for this to help and bring it down, and Dr Helen says no stressing at work ( i said to her you better find me a new job then, because what job doesnt have stress LOL).

I have been feeling a lot better, but had a funny turn on Monday night 22/6/09 whilst driving home from work so I pulled over on the side of the road and it settled and went away so I drove home again... I am not feeling the best today so I thought today would be the day to blog about it, I had to go to the local chemist this morning and get the blood pressure checked and it was 130/100 but the 100 should be about 70, so this is a bit worrying.

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