28 February 2009

Weekly Weight Update -- Week 5

Yesterday during my lunch hour, i went to the local RIVERS store to purchase a pair of jeans, and actually got a bargain, both pairs that I brought had a price tag of $69.95 each on them, to my surprise when I got to the checkout, one pair was $9.95 and the other was $24.95. So that was a great saving.

I took a couple of different pairs to the change rooms to try on, because the last time I brought Denim Jeans I had to get a Size 26, and to my surprise both the pairs I brought were a Size 20, which means I have lost 3 sizes in denim jeans, I was astounded, but know that what i am doing with my diet and walking everyday is really really paying off.


Well this Thursday is weigh-in day so this will be the 2nd weigh in since i started on the 22nd January, a total of 6 weeks, so wish me luck, Here is my weekly photo update -- can anyone see any difference at all this last week.

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