22 February 2009

Porky Walk

Hey there,
During the week I probably walk about 1/2klm every afternoon after work, which takes me 20minutes.
And then this weekend I have up the anti a bit, I decided I was going to break the 1/2klm mark everyday, so I did, yesterday which was Saturday I walked 3065 steps which is about 0.90 Klm, so that was almost the 1.0klm mark but not quite, well I got up this morning with the thinking that today was the day to break over the 1.0klm barrier,and I did, I did it, I walked 1.28klms, which is 4299 steps.
Yay I did it, I knew I could do it, just took a little pushing and telling myself I could do it. Also I broke thru the pain barrier as well.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Good on ya Lisa!! Thats terrific!!! Great job!!