06 September 2011

Book Review -- "KING OF THE ROAD" -- Alex Debogorski

Howdy out there in blog world to all my friends, its been awhile between posts yet again.
I recently read a book written by one of the ICE ROAD TRUCKERS Alex Debogorski, have fun reading this book because its not all about ice road trucking its about his life.
The highest-rated reality show ever to hit the History Channel, Ice Road Truckers follows the heart-pounding adventure.
s of the tough-as-nails truckers who risk peril everyday to deliver goods and supplies in Alaska and across Canada's frozen north.
Alex shares tales of his adventures - and misadventures - in the north, and explain, in his own enteraining voice, how he got to where he is today - working class hero, bona-fide celebrity, and the improbable star of a smash-hit television show.
Alex is a natural storyteller who konws how to spin tales about his colorful life growing up in the backwoods. Wether he's recounting tales about his hair-raising confrontations with bears, calculating the strength of newly formed ice, divulging the secrets of providing security in a bar room full of combative, drunken miners, or saving the life of another trucker, he keeps you wanting more.

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