26 June 2011

A Little Gift from Jodi

About 2 weeks before we moved to our new house, we had some visitors come visit us for one night, Jodi and her daughter Emelia had to come to Newcastle to do some stuff and see her brother Matt who was at JHH at the time, so we invited them to stay the night instead of driving here and back to Gunnedah in one day.
It was great to have them stay with us, Jodi made me a little Thank You gift for having them for the night... It was a lovely handmade card as well as a little canvas on a easel (see pic above).
A big THANK YOU to Jodi for making me this lovely handmade gift, I really appreciate it, and JODI you didnt have to. I hope that you both enjoyed my cooking of the meal.. Sorry I had to leave so early the next morning to get to work.
We all hope to see you soon..

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