13 March 2011

Guess Who I Met Yesterday?

Guess Who?

Thats right my best internet friend "JODI", she is my inspiration for my scrapbooking and a few other things. There aren't many people out there like her.

Jodi it was great to meet you yesterday even thought it was only for 1/2hr and it was at the John Hunter Hospital whilst we were visiting our family members. You are beautiful in photos as well as in real life, and I am greatful I have someone like you as my friend. Next time we meet will be in a different place, as you said yesterday hopefully at a scrapbooking retreat or somewhere. You are so like me you are no different on internet or in life you are just JODI, and that is what i like about you.


Jodi Dolbel said...

Naw, thanks so much Lisa, you too Sweetie! Mwah! All the best for your Mum XX

Eve said...

How wonderful to meet with Jodi i too hope to meet her one day she is a wonderful lady xxx