28 January 2011

Scrapbooking 2011

Well Well Well I know what your all thinking?

Where has she been?

Has she forgotten her blog?

Well the answer to those questions is no......Just busy with everyday stuff like Work Work Work, by the time I get home in the evening the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer, seeing as i am on a computer all day.. I am currently enjoying a couple of days away from work, scrapbooking, shopping, spending time with my darling hubby.....

I have made a plan for my scrapbooking for 2011, and am planning to make sure I at least do 1 layout per month, well I am well underway I have just completed my first 2 layouts for 2011, as well as an off-the-page project for a lady at work.

Could someone please leave a comment to let me know you are all still out there in blog land.
See you all very very soon..
Lisa & Furbabies

1 comment:

Shazza said...


My name is Shazza.

I’m just letting you know that I run two really successful challenge blogs and would love to see you join in.

ARTastic is a challenge where we take paintings from the great artists with a little added criteria. The blog address is http://artasticchallengeblog.blogspot.com/


From Screen 2 Scrap is a challenge blog based on Movies with a little added criteria. The blog address is http://screen2scrap.blogspot.com/

Please add yourself as a follower so you get all the monthly updates.

We would love to see you join in.

Cheers and thanks